We're still here to streamline all your energy connections, now with Alinta instead of Origin.

You’ll notice we’ve had a fresh coat of paint, but everything works the same as before so you won’t waste time re-training on a new system.

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10 years and 500,000 connections later,
we’re still the best tool for the job.

Continue to connect, track and manage all of your energy connections, just like before — without the hassle of changing systems.

Save time
Quick & easy.

Create new energy connections in minutes, stay updated as they progress, and finally handover in a few clicks. Business as usual.

No re-training required
No re-training required.

You have more important things to do than learn a new system. So we’ve kept things just the same… only with a fresh colour scheme :-)

Local expert support team
Expert local support

With over 10 years experience, our friendly Bathurst-based support team is here to help streamline your energy connections.

Same features, fresh new look.

Everything's exactly the same as before, only with an updated colour scheme. Easy.


Request a new connection in a couple of minutes

Our simple step-by-step process replaces dozens of pages of paper forms and back-and-forth emails.


Stay in the loop

Manage all your sites at once in your dashboard so you always know exactly what's going on.


Find exactly what you need in seconds

Our simple but powerful search tool lets you filter by address, status, service type, date and more.

Connect Express Builders dashboard

No more headaches with lost or crumpled paperwork

Upload attachments and we'll keep everything together online in the one spot... say goodbye to manual filing!


Get expert help whenever you need it.

Raise a query online or give us a call... either way our friendly local support team is here to help. And they have over 10 years experience helping builders just like you.


Quick & easy online handover.

Close or transfer energy accounts in a few clicks. No stress, no hassle. Nice.

Why did we breakup with Origin?

After 7 years with Origin, the spark had gone.
Wanting different things, we agreed to go our separate ways.

Now we’ve partnered with Alinta, we’re finally free to be ourselves!

Alinta fully supports our vision to shake things up and ultimately make new energy connections automatic and effortless.

It's over. But we've moved on!

Meet the team.

Unlike the big corporates, we're a small team totally focused on improving our product to meet the needs of builders & tradies like you.

Any questions? Drop us a line.

Support team (Bathurst)



Megan Ryan

Customer Support


Julie Morris

Customer Support


Louise Hobby

Customer Support


Rema Hodgkins

Customer Support

Product team (Brisbane)


Extroverted introvert, avid gamer, loves his family and whisky. Once died for 43 seconds.

Ben Rich

Co-founder & CEO

No comment.

Carl Healy

Co-founder & CTO

Father to a pug called Bacon, and loves lifting heavy stuff while listening to audiobooks.

Jesse Lawson

Customer Success

Loves pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Plus travel, photography, coffee, glamping and his kids. Most of the time.

Warren Prasek

Product design

Space is the limit.

Chris Kim


Likes keyboards, dislikes tedium. Uses the former to cure the latter.

Ian Ryan

Mike Buhot, Engineering

Strives for continuous delivery of high quality software.

Mike Buhot

Ben Follington, Engineering

Tech-hippie, music nerd and video game player. You can probably find me obsessing over a single pixel.

Ben Follington

Zaymon Foulds-Cook, Engineering

I may be a junior, but I’m the Chief Bop Officer.

Zaymon Foulds-Cook

Samuel Crook, Product Design


Samuel Crook

Product Design
Thierry Brunet de Courssou


Thierry Brunet de Courssou


Frequently asked questions. And answers!

If you can't find what you're looking for here, please get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

    • Why did you switch from Origin to Alinta?
    • By mutual agreement with Origin, we let our contract expire so we could both pursue different directions. We chose to partner with Alinta as they are fully supportive of our focus on the needs of Builders and Tradies.

      You can get a quick overview of our reasons in the 60-second "breakup" video....

    • Does everything still work the same as before?
    • Yes. The only change is a new colour scheme.
    • Why do I have to register again?
    • Unfortunately we're not allowed to carry across any details from existing accounts. Fortunately, registering only takes a minute or two which is far quicker than spending hours, days or weeks re-training to learn a completely new system :-)
    • Will I see my old connections?
    • No - we suggest you keep using the Origin version of Connect Assist to complete your old connections, while creating and managing new connections in the "new" Alinta version of Connect Assist.
    • Is Connect Assist still free?
    • Absolutely!
    • Why does Connect Assist look different now if it still works the same?
    • We thought it was looking a bit stale, so we slapped on a fresh coat of paint to make it feel a bit more spiffy. Everything works exactly the same as always though!
    • What are your future plans for Connect Assist?
    • Where do we start? First, we want to make sure you can keep connecting your energy as quickly and easily as ever. Next, we're already working on a bunch of new features we know will make your life even easier.

      Ultimately we want to make new energy connections automatic and effortless, and Alinta are fully onboard with this vision - hence the reason for our switch away from Origin. To say we're super excited about the future is an understatement - stay tuned...

    • Do Unicorns really fart rainbows?
    • Yes, Unicorns really do fart rainbows. How else could they fly?
    • How much would a Unicorn spacesuit cost?
    • Great question! Sadly Elon Musk hasn't yet responded to our tweet around this pressing issue. We think probably about $148,258.75 (plus GST).
    • Does your Unicorn have a name, and can I borrow it next weekend?
    • Unfortunately Sergei is fully booked until next August, so we're currently considering hiring a second unicorn to handle overflow weddings, stag nights and bahmitzvahs.

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